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Earth has always fascinated me. It is for me a passion.  

I first started with clay, making earthenware on the wheel.

Then I changed to porcelain, using the slab technique. It is my preferred material,

which I love for its lightness and delicacy.   

I have a playful approach to my work. I like playing with forms, developing shapes on a theme,

always curious to discover what is happening during their transformation to the next stage,

and going along with it.  

Nature is a great inspiration, as well as everyday objects with their simplicity and reduced language.   

Always ready to discover and explore new fields, I go through life with curiosity and awareness.

I am constantly searching to make simple and sleek designs, where each piece is unique,

without forgetting a touch of humor now and then!

Geneva - city of my birth

London - I trained at the Royal Ballet School

to become a professional ballet dancer

Berlin - I danced with the ballet company of the “Deutsche Oper” 

Hamburg - I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts

and got my Master in Textile Design.

Then, I was a freelance backdrop-painter, specialized in abstract structures.  

I also worked as a stylist for magazines and advertising.
Uzès, south of France - I styled the showroom and the stands of

the M&O fairs in Paris for an interior decoration company.

                There I had my first « earth » experience,

                learning to throw clay on a wheel, and found I loved it!

Now based near Basel, I live between Switzerland, Germany

and France where I run my porcelain studio.

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